Daily Prompt 3/25/23

Who was your most influential teacher? Why?

Ah…. Mrs Boudreaux

This woman was an Angel, a real life Angel.

She was fired for protecting us kids… for giving us a safe space to talk about being black, being white, being straight, gay, queer, depressed, abused, etc… She made us feel loved safe and welcomed…

Then they fucking fired her.

Mrs Amy…. I know me and a few others have searched for back then and over the years…

There wasn’t one day in her classroom that anyone felt like they couldn’t make it… be amazingand do wonderful things with your life.

The way she stood up to the school board to fight to keep her classroom available to us after school to hold a group discussions…. So we had a safe space to be and talk to a responsible adult who genuinely loved us and cared about our wellbeing….

I’m grateful that she was a part of our lives.. and changed us forever… such a small simple thing that she did… I always wondered if she ever knew she saved a classmate’s life… literally from suicide… if she knew how much she helped my best friend to be brave and come out to her overbearing mother…. How she made me feel like I was cared for unconditionally for the first time in my life…

Forever grateful for this woman who changed an entire high school classroom and the world for us.

Gypsy Glover

Live. Laugh. Love. Toke until you choke. 💚

4 responses to “Daily Prompt 3/25/23”

  1. It is easy to forget our high school teachers, but there will be one that is unforgettable – they make you feel comfortable and discover more and shape the way you see the world around you.

    It is such a sweet thing to remember them.

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