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A Fickle Affair

Patiently waiting…

Meaningful work to be done

Upholding the light in hopes of chasing away your fears

Casting symbols of patience and courage

Trusting in your love to care more for yourself

Healing and growing throughout the pain you hold dear….

Standing with you… by you… for you…

It isn’t mine to heal… I cannot fix this…

Burgeoning perspectives leading to truths unknown

Incantations of hope and laughter flow into you as remedies fulfill there intentions

Manifesting miracle after miracle

Leaving your fickle mind behind

Burning bridges and lighting your way forward

Dancing upon the graves of those former selves we’ve cast aside…

I do abide

Leaving those bellicose devils behind….

Gypsy Glover.

Live. Laugh. Love. Toke until you choke.


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