Shiny little trinkets

Soooo I am an over doer, I have no interest in bs’n my way around the fact that I have always gone over and beyond… especially when it’s not deserved earned or ever reciprocated…

I love, hard.

I am a giver and of course I’m a great gift giver…

Now this is something I want to change to the extent of – I am tired of being taken advantage of and taken for granted….

Even after being hurt lied to and mistreated I have something broken in my brain that makes no sense… keep going doing giving and being… a giver and over doer.

I don’t have it in me to mistreat people the way they do me…

I have learned to fearlessly stand up for myself with a dash of guilt if I feel I did come off mean… even if they earned it I still will feel like I was wrong- I am aware this stems from being raised by two very different types of narcissistic individuals… and abuse amongst themselves and one who had a distinct way of targeting me… and well that “I’m sorry” mentality I have worked tirelessly to not have- much improvement on that. I’m not sorry. I am not a sorry half ass piece of shit who has done anything wrong and when I do- I apologize and the best apology is.. changed behavior. Period. Also the law of attraction depicts if you apply it to your language use, speech, thoughts, feelings and behaviors- you’re just attracting more shit to be sorry for… so no I am not.

So… I do believe this is obviously where I shall grow again… grow away from this need to be a over doer and giver… I won’t be it’s opposite. A relentless and unapologetic taker…

Just not willing to continue to give and be and do for anyone who is more then happy to hurt or harm me…. No thanks. I’m done.

I’m positive that this is a whole mood and a vibe a lot of us in the collective are feeling.

Live, laugh, love- and toke until you choke!

Gypsy G 💚

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