Random- but does the covid19 test make you sick?

So I really believe I’m allergic to these damn covid19 test…. Or they just make me sick as shit.

Literally every single time I have to take one I am down for 2 weeks or longer… sinus cavity in pain, headaches, throat feels like saw paper dipped in tar sprinkled with shards of glass went to town inside it, chest congestion and rando sharp pains…

I’m not trying to be feeling like I rather die then be tested but… I’m there. Like feeling seriously like I have it- but I don’t. After the third test to verify I am now ready to just lay myself in the street. Fml I am not saying I’m miserable- I’m beyond that. When I swallow I can feel mucus on fire in my sinus cavity that feels like I’m being shot in the face and stabbed in the throat.

Graphic, yes. I’m just hoping to convey that I do believe that something is wrong with these test. And I shouldn’t feel like I’m dying or want to be put down when I am negative for covid. I’ve never had it. But when I get tested…. Why am I getting sick!!!!

Taking time off, to die is not my idea of a good time. And to make it worse I’m allergic to some of the components of the vaccine… and have cardiomyopathy (cardiologist is like nah bro remember when you got a flu shot and pneumonia shot and landed in the icu??) and after dealing with getting tested and this happening every time I don’t know if I’ll trust it ever…

I’m not saying it’s not worked or working for others but I am certain I can not. Now I know someone will be mad or upset at my health issues and want to bash me for not being vaccinated- but if you’re not going to also die from getting vaccinated with me… relax I work from home and don’t fuck around so I won’t get it- again—-> I haven’t ever had it. Ever, not once. I’m very cautious. Overly cautious and a German hove by nature… and OCD… so I’ve been quarantine clean my whole life… spray my kids when they’re home from school since they started crazy. No shoe household… don’t even let dogs on my bed, germaphobe… don’t sit on my damn bed in your outside clothes…. Okay? Ok. K. -Hence why I don’t understand why I feel like I’m dying when I get tested for it.

Im afraid my orbital bone and nasal cavity will shatter if I don’t stop sneezing…. And I’d like to breathe properly too. Swollen shut or overly inflamed I can’t even tell anymore bleh

Immediately gets me and then worsens… So let’s skip past shitting on me and find out who else is getting sick or having allergic reactions to these test themselves. Thaaaaaanks dolls, I m just curious if anyone else has been having issues.

Let me know… I’m interested in hearing from anyone who has had a reaction after being tested for covid!! Thanks!!!

Live. Love. Laugh. Toke until you choke. 💚


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