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They say a lot of things…. But no actions follow

They do so many things…. Yet nothing is ever happening

They have so many things… yet nothing is ever enough

They go so many places… yet they’re as empty as they were before

They smile a lot… but remain so unfulfilled

They crowd surf and people please yet lay awake at night wondering where they went wrong…

They enjoy a cheap thrill yet can’t be satisfied….

They implore to do as they do… yet they have nothing but the emptiness to hide from you…

They want you to watch and see and be…. Yet they will criticize and judge and blame you for falling short of their expectations…

They hope and pray that you make it and succeed but they always bet against you…

They watch and follow and cling to every word, quick encouragement and parade you about and hope they showed you a swell time… meanwhile their deeds will always hold weight above your head….

So whatever it is they do…

So whatever it is they say…

So whatever it is they believe

They see

They feel

They have

They hold

They endure….

Never forget it’s a them problem.

They aren’t for you.


3 responses to “They…”

  1. It is a reminder to focus on our own path and not to be swayed by the opinions and expectations of others. It’s also a cautionary reminder to not be swept up by people who seem to have it all together but in reality, they are struggling just as much as anyone else.

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