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Being Heyoka… and not having anyone to guide\teach you…

Hasn’t been a easy path… but I am here to help, so I’m just going to start here… I’ll write more about it… but for now…

If I could express the experience….

No.. I’m not dreadful and melancholy all time…

I just feel a lot…

And by a lot…. It’s best to say everything…

As a kid my great grandfather once told me this insane story or rather a truth in a form of a story…

“You my love, are a Divine One, a pain eater… you are Heyoka… your way of humor will be your savior, and there’s no one who will ever believe that you’re this… for a long time… just as they cannot believe in the skinwalker or even those aliens you like”… then the story began….

I was 7/8 I had no clue what this meant for my life going forward but it stuck in my mind like gum in hair…. Or hanging in there like a hair in a biscuit lol! And yeah even as a little shit I loved aliens and anything so far fetched that it’s inconceivable! Apparently it’s a thing for some of us in this incarnation!

So… grown now and still learning and thinking about this…. Heyoka… being a pain eater…. Still sorting it out… knowing that someone saw within me as a kid… something bigger than myself… the the life/family I was born into… and sadly he did died shortly after telling me this so it wasn’t like he was able to teach me what I needed to know…. How to manage handle or deal with all of these things and everything that was to come….

So… needless to say being an empathic person with some extra touch of stuff no one knows about wasn’t easy or anything my family knew what to do with or deal with… and being born to a covert narcissistic sociopath did not exactly fare well… having your “light” being beat out/berated out of you… isn’t exactly what you would need to grow towards the right path… or was it?

Yet it was what it was and… is and it landed me where I am now and clearly needed to be… I have reconciled with that.. took forever but I didn’t come to it easily… being abused/neglected by my family… being shunned by them… being alone my literal entire life was no easy feat but… honestly it’s the best thing that could of happened… I’ll explain but first some things I’ve stumbled upon to help make it make sense – you know you’re dealing with a rambling looney tune lol! I’ll insert the link to one article in particular that… just kind of hits most of the mark so to speak. And one for those who can relate and need to keep healing themselves… so you can help others. But I’m going to drop a few segments below so you know… “the gist of it” but I do encourage you to read the article and do your own research obviously…. ***Like yeah all that’s relatable lol crazy birth, born with issues and told my parents I wouldn’t live and if I did that it wouldn’t be long and I’d be a vegetable or not “there” basically… also looking like a baby into my 40’s not mad about that… lol just read the articles shared and… well I hope this finds who NEEDS it and it helps you 💚

*Heyoka’s primary role is to assist people to come in touch with their own powerful energy (Qi). These gifted people possess the ability to sense energy (empath) of other people. Heyoka facilitate both physical and emotional healing. As empaths the Heyoka have the uncanny ability to reflect the energy of the other person (good or bad) in facilitating healing.

*As true empaths, Heyoka will often confuse other people’s emotions, including planetary vibrations, as their own.

*The Heyoka’s words or message to people is always what is most needed at that time. People are left with an indelible impression. Whether or not the person is accepting of the Heyoka’s message, due to the individual’s negativity, does not mean that the one-on-one interaction did not produce great benefit to the individual.

*The gifted healers give other’s what they need, instead of what they desire.

* As empaths Heyoka are deeply feeling people who do experience other people’s highs and lows intensely.

*Research has indicated that Heyoka tend to be born with rare physical traits, physical symptomology, and or difficult births that set them apart from the rest of the world. Heyoka learn differently from most people, and therefore they often experience educational challenges, learning handicaps, and speech difficulties which are eventually overcome. Heyoka are known to look more youthful than their actual age.


Another link I found handy for those who are Heyoka


So while I didn’t really see as a kid how things would be… I knew I had to fully separate myself from my “family” I mean early in life I knew I was surrounded by people who wouldn’t ever love me, accept me, guide me, or treat me with a modicum of respect… it was this hard truth that I had to live with even as a 5 year oldI already knew that. I was alone and would likely always be alone… (it’s now a superpower and I thrive in solitude- I don’t want to be ALONE, it’s just easier to recharge and be my best self… more shoulder shrug’s IYKYK)

Example of a gift no one understood or wanted to be around… so for one… I have always just known things. Shit I had no business knowing… or would know it was happening or going to… like I’d know my dad was home/pulling up before he’d show up… like I’d see him coming- obviously I didn’t know I hadn’t seen him yet but I was seeing him on his way… I’ve been slapped and cursed out for that particular thing so often I just stopped announcing his arrival… knowing about someone’s infidelities… knowing something bad was going to happen- I don’t want to go cause every spidey sense in my body is tingling… don’t want to be left alone with this or that person… knowing harm was going to come to me or someone… eeeek

Uhmmm another one, knowing when people are lying… feeling/seeing/hearing what actually is…. This definitely didn’t make life easier. And not just lying… like just knowing what what’s going on generally. I was seen as argumentative and disrespectful…. Shoulder shrugs IYKYK, and to be punished for being intuitive and honest…. That had the obvious adverse effect… I became cold mean hateful and picked up lying… because the truth made my life worse… being good made my life harder. So I became exactly what my mother told my family I was. Crazy. Liar. Difficult. Dramatic. Aloof… etc. took me until almost my 30’s to see that I wasn’t me… I was simply mirroring and being what was beaten into me… was a sad revelation. Again… grateful that I found that truth though…

So… I’ll be coming back to this topic… to get more into it but this fucking post is long af, so I’ll leave you with this….

If you’re Heyoka, do not hide your innate gifts and talents anymore… the world hasn’t been easy for you, I know. But all of this pain we’ve endure and suffered… was for a purpose. Even if we still haven’t received our why… we still know we are still here waking up daily for this purpose. Keep going, the world literally doesn’t need our light to help guide others home.

Live. Laugh. Smoke until you choke 💚 –Gypsy


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