A little poem, it’s also kinda sad *shrugs*

Fade away… If I could… I would.

Frankly…. It’s getting harder to apologize for how I feel, how I think, what I chose to share, how hard I love and how high I want to fly…

I’m not okay with having to say sorry… I am not. I’m not sorry. I’m not a sorry ass piece of shit doing half ass things to be sorry for….

Why must I feel sorry for wanting to break free from these bonds these lies these people this life this crime or not feeling good enough big enough and always too fucking much…

I’m not sorry. I’m not too much and it’s just amazing how I have to bend fold break and take all of these things that aren’t even worthy of me or worth my time because it’s all that’s being offered… I don’t want it.

I don’t want what’s being served by the unserved who just cry and complain and stain up all of my nice things that I do and give to them…

I want more I want someone more I need more and I need me to be more… and if I continue to just give myself away… even in just a day…

I’ll likely fade away.

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